MPC Project

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Client: Multinational Pharmaceutical Company
Project Title: Shared Services Center (Asia Pacific)
Location: The Pinnacle
Total size: 83,000 sq ft
Completion: March 2019

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Set within the corporate towers of The Pinnacle Sunway in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, the interior spaces of a multinational pharmaceutical company express a distinctive concept that reflect the company’s values and standing in the medical and healthcare industry.

Collaborating for the third time in a row, this MNC continues to trust SW1 to deliver quality projects with the purpose to dynamically create an agile and collaborative workflow for their recently renovated Shared Service Centre. The company requested for the office design to facilitate and empower staff – with a mixture of an open floor concept and a cubicle-based workspace. A healthy balance between public, semi- private and private spaces prevails throughout the space. To create a versatile space, SW1 also incorporated rooms that can be easily converted into larger meeting rooms should the need arise.

Commitment to quality and attention to detail are evident throughout the interior design of their office. Starting at the reception area, branding is subtle and is all about the experience and the feel. Wall features remind guests of the organisation’s role and heritage but instead of shouting out the brand, the goal here is to stress on its focus on human needs – warmth and care.

Timber textures and colours can be seen on reception desks as well as the flooring for the waiting area and loose furniture. Seats are ergonomic; bright green and orange ottomans dot the lounge area to make guests feel immediately at home. The natural lighting flooding in through the glazed openings further enhance the human experience throughout this social and collaborative space.

The core office spaces are strategically and efficiently planned – with ergonomic and functional office systems installed to increase staff comfort and productivity. The MNC’s values and ethos subtly exudes throughout the operational space. The open floor plan for the employee works space encourages transparency and collaboration – cornerstones of the company’s values. The workspace also features coloured highlights which keep the place lively and visually arresting without becoming a source of distraction.

The ‘Adaptive Worklife Experience’ is demonstrated with the diverse application of furniture – enabling employees to work in a way that suits them – whether individually or in groups The private spaces accommodate the human resource department and key managerial rooms. The entire design further encourages collaboration through the creation of huddle spaces, social corners and the games room. Echoing the company’s investment on human resource, the games room not only provides a space for the staff to relax and blow off steam but also acts as an informal space to brainstorm and share ideas.

Throughout this corporate space, it’s apparent SW1 has successfully delivered a future-proof workplace that allows this leading pharmaceutical to be flexible, paving the way for them to grow while providing their employees with an experience that is truly memorable and empowering.

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“An office design that supports work tasks optimally and allowing adaptable solutions for the future work-force”

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