Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation

Client: Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation
Project Title: Shared Services Offices in Kuala Lumpur
Location: The Pinnacle, Sunway, Kuala Lumpur
Total size: 32,350 sq ft
Completion: April 2023

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This pharmaceutical company’s shared services offices feature a variety of workstations and gathering spaces designed to promote social relationships and maximum comfort, while also including a modular training & learning spaces to encourage the pharmaceutical company’s growth.

The company’s brand assets are carefully applied and curated to communicate the company history values and commitment to ESG initiatives.

The overall theme for the shared service experience is a combination of local cultural references mixed with the global brand language. Local flower & spices are used for Meeting room names to provide some local context and the company history wall is curated to include key milestones of their operations in Asia.

The design provides for a healthy work space that maintains social relationships and maxims work comfort. In addition to an open space, personal work rooms, meeting rooms, seating areas of various types and public areas such as work cafes a lounge and an entrance area including a reception and a large seating area were planned along with modular spaces with folding furniture and movable partitions, designed for multiple use and configurations.

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