“A decade of creating exceptional workplaces for exceptional clients”

Swami Jayaraman
Managing Director & Founder of SW1 Solutions.

It all started with the vision to provide world-class solutions and a set of principles to deliver this vision with uncompromising integrity. This was how SW1’s journey began and since our first step into the world of design, we’ve pushed boundaries and strived to do the right thing. Whether it’s through innovation, statutory compliance, ethical practice, wellness or the environment, we relentlessly and passionately work towards putting our best foot forward.

Through this we’ve developed a methodology that is genuinely new and truly addresses the needs of the modern workplace whilst raising standards and expectations… something that our clients are always seeking to do themselves. This was achieved by always focusing on what is important: people. 10 years on, our vision and principals continue to stay strong, providing a solid foundation to grow a team that we are truly proud of. In all that we set out to do, we will continue to work hard, stay humble and embrace the appetite to do the right thing. It’s this way of being that will ensure we continue to evolve and reach greater heights.



We are a fully integrated consulting, design and construction solutions provider for the corporate, commercial and hospitality sectors. We offer complete end-to-end solutions for all aspects of your occupancy needs; from strategic planning and interior design, to project management and construction.

Our key objective is to provide our Clients high quality and innovative occupancy solutions which add value to their organisation. We define ourselves by our key values:

We are highly experienced design, engineering, commercial, project and construction specialists. Our experiences were garnered when working with leading brands within the corporate, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors and have an established track record of success.

Driven to innovate, we are committed to create interiors that strongly differentiate brands, culture and experience. We pride ourselves in setting new standards and pushing boundaries in the industry. Our desire to create international standards and construction practices enables us to realise genuine quality.

Work Culture
We support a culture that promotes social and environmental responsibility. This culture is interwoven in our processes and we strongly believe in the importance of these key issues and in improving their literacy within the industry.

We view every Project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our Clients to achieve results which respond to their brand image, functional and budgetary goals. We have our Client’s best interests close to our heart, and we treat every Project as if it were our own.

Project Management
We recognize that fit-out projects revolve around a thorough understanding of your business culture and the needs of your various stakeholders. Our scope for Project Management includes a simultaneous monitoring of various tasks and ensuring deadlines are being met. Of crucial importance is the detailed planning of the necessary project phases together with the close working relationships that will be required with the Consultants and Business Stakeholders.

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Our team comprise of creative and dedicated professionals who share a passion for delivering innovative solutions.

We strengthened our team to meet expectations for the next decade, employing talented individuals to increase their service offer.

Swami William
SW1 About
About us

It’s Not Just A Pretty Picture

At SW1 we see design as a process and a team effort. As many different skills are required, the firm brings together a team of architects, interior, product, graphic and industrial designers to work alongside commercial and project minded people – the essential ingredients for a complete office design solution. SW1 understands functionality well – to them, it’s sometimes not just a pretty picture, it’s a solution to make life easier and functional for the people who will use it.

“It’s simple to design difficult but difficult to design simple”

Our People