SW1.SOLUTIONS is a fully
integrated consulting, design
and construction solutions provider
for the corporate, commercial and
hospitality sectors.

We offer complete end-to-ending solutions for all aspects of your occupancy needs; from strategic planning and interior design, to project management and construction.

We are guided by our belief that the best results come from striking a harmonious balance between all the elements that make up the real estate:

  • the location
  • orientation, shape and size of space
  • functionality of the building services
  • fitness for purpose
  • effciency and comfort of the space
  • ability of the space to define identity and create a brand experience.

Our goal is to connect all these elements which in turn allow us to see the big picture and ultimately give us an unparalleled ability to innovate and deliver the correct solutions.

These high quality solutions are augmented by a strong commitment to provide a high degree of service to our Clients, and an utmost respect for the precious resources of cost and time.


To provide our Clients high quality and innovative occupancy solutions which add value to their organisations.

We are a team of creative and dedicated professionals who share a passion for
delivering innovative solutions. Our team comprises of highly experienced design, engineering, commercial, project and construction specialists. They have worked with leading brands within the corporate, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors and have an established track record of success.

Driven to innovate, we are committed to create interiors that strongly differentiate brands, culture and experience. We pride ourselves in setting new standards and pushing boundaries in the industry. Our desire to create international standards and construction practices enables us to realise genuine quality.

We support a culture that promotes social and environmental responsibility as well as occupational health and safety. This culture is interwoven in our processes and we strongly believe in the importance of these key issues and in improving their literacy within the industry.

We view every Project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our Clients to achieve results which respond to their brand image, functional and budgetary goals. We have our Client’s best interests close to our heart, and we treat every Project as if it were our own.