Construction Made Simple

Construction Made Simple
Construction Made Simple

SW1’s project, construction and cost management methodology dovetail all activities in a simple and effective manner. It is interwoven through all service offerings and provides a seamless point of contact to transfer knowledge and information on cost, time and quality back and forth between all protagonists.

SW1’s methodology has defined procedures for the inception of a project right through to the post-handover activities Several factors influence time frame in one way or another. It recognises that the key is to obtain a proper acceptance and sign-off of all design by the Client and allows activities to be prioritised as necessary to meet the deadlines. Any potential bottlenecks are pre-empted right at the outset. There is a set system of checks and balances which ensure nothing is missed and the client is informed and in control at all stages.

Long lead times are identified early in the process and via the cost management model orders can be locked out and placed in time.

All projects have changes to deal with whether they be from and change in circumstances, requirements or just a change of mind. SW1’s methodology recognises addresses this in a unique and systematic manner. There are standard tools that define and track all changes and ensure that the Client is aware of all the deadlines and decisions required.

SW1 has an extensive QA/OC process, which is ISO accredited and proven. The commitment to quality is a process and all throughout the project process there are checks, balances and reviews which ensure that quality is optimized for any given situation.

SW1’s Safety Department ensures all construction works are undertaken under the auspicious of a proper safety regime. SW1’s Safety Managers are certified and have developed an attitude and demeanour about safety that truly adds value to the industry. Safety Managers operate autonomously and report directly to the Management eliminating any conflicts and allowing them to focus on keeping people safe.

“Keeping clients informed and in control of their project”