Client: Huawei Technologies
Project Title: Malaysia HQ
Location: The Intermark
Total size: 25,000 sq ft
Completion: July 2016

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Huawei’s Corporate Office needed to convey a sense of functional aesthetic. Located at level 32, Integra Tower, The Intermark in central Kuala Lumpur; the office covers over 25,000 square feet and is able to accommodate over 250 people.

Our goal for the project was to create an engaging spatial experience for both visitors and staff – evocative of Huawei’s mobile devices. In terms of functionality; the operational spaces were designed to create efficient and effective work flow – and at the same time, able to create a conducive environment that encouraged interaction and collaboration. The entire design embodies the art of balance between functionality and aesthetic experience.

Although spaces are maximized for the sake of efficiency; the furniture layout allows the space and the users to breath. The clever planning ensures that each part of the public, semi-public and private spaces are able to carry out their functions but also having enough room for the users and the design to be expressive. In terms of the journey throughout Huawei’s office, the reception area is deceptively minimalist and understated. The muted expression relies on the ceiling design and material application to impress the visitor. And as quickly as one walks through the doors to the operational spaces, the language and environment transforms into an unforgettable experience.

From the meeting rooms to breakout areas, the interior design injects vibrancy, warmth and character into the space. Wooden laminate floorings, timber furniture, warm lighting and natural elements populate each space – as it encourages the user to continue exploring each part of the office. The work spaces marry functionality with explosions of colour in the huddle spaces and interactive zones.

The meeting rooms communicate the concept of balance through the professional layout and furniture – combined with warm and natural highlights to offset the edge. Managerial rooms exude a sense of calm and serenity; again due to the use of wooden highlights and furniture. Each room and space has its own character. Each application of colour, material and lighting has been carefully considered to maximise the utility of the space, the aesthetic appeal and its impact on the psyche of the users.

But the distinctions of this project lie with the practical and health considerations of the space. The design and use of materials showed acoustic sensitivity to the users’ needs. Acoustic testing was conducted to see if the space could score a high STC (sound transmission class). The Internal Air Quality was of great importance – as paints with low volatile organic compound were used – and testing of this was conducted by an independent expert for one month. The journey that the user goes through this space will long stay in his or her memory as the design leaves and indelible impression as functionality, health and aesthetics are perfectly balanced.

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