Ranjit Singh Yeoh Project

Ranjit Singh & Yeoh

Client: Ranjit Singh & Yeoh Advocates & Solicitors
Project Title: Corporate Office
Location: Solaris Dutamas
Total size: 4,000 sq ft
Completion: July 2010

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Interior Design
Project & Construction Management

After a careful study of the Clients’ identity and working style, we sat down with the two Principals of the business with a view to understanding their goals and aspirations for the office. We focused on what impressions and emotions they wanted to evoke as well as the functional efficiency of the limited amount of space.

Due to the high profile and highly private nature of their Clientele, a separate Partner’s Suite was provided with a separate entrance and planned in a manner to isolate the area from the remaining office. Further enhancing the cloak-and-dagger feel is the incorporation of sliding bookshelves in the Partner’s rooms which can be moved to open up the space leading into the conference room. This effectively means that the space can be configured into two separate offices. This allows a war room type arrangement that can accommodate Clients and Solicitors from other firms into the space for large and complex cases.

Finishes followed a refined yet industrial tone with limestone floors in the Partner’s area contrasting with cement render in the back of house areas. The concrete admin workbench was cast in-situ with all the services built it and is as functional as it is interesting. Unique variegated prefinished timber, granite tiles and marble were all sparingly used to create a unique and refined feel whilst still working within the tight budget and timeframe.

An eclectic expression was developed based on the Client’s proud celebration of their heritage. As both principals of the business appreciate Peranakan history and both qualified as Barristers in London, we wanted to represent this is the space somehow. So, we refurbished a set of antique Peranakan doors from Penang for the conference room and installed a Union Jack Fridge in the Lounge area. Numerous other minute details were injected throughout the space, all of which tells a story and it is this that makes this office just right for the Client and a very special project for us.

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