The British International School

The British International School

Client: British International School Sdn Bhd
Project Title: Interior Design Consultancy Works for British International School
Location: 1 Changkat Bukit Utama, Petaling Jaya
Total size: 80,000 sq ft
Completion: Nov 2016

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The British International School of Kuala Lumpur had become one of the most renowned private school of the region. Offering contemporary British international education for children aged 2-17; they pride themselves of their personalized and holistic learning methods and environment which comprised of personal development, and nurturing a broad of talents from sports, music, arts, language and technology. It is an honor to be given a chance to provide design solutions to their new academy block to meet these rigorous demands.

The new academic block on the 6th and 7th floor will not only cater to their newly introduced secondary school, but also new facilities and amenities. Apart from ensuring the design was of international and contemporary standard, we had to plan the layout for a whole host of new spaces – including the library and resource centre, ICT centre, gymnasium, new classrooms and a reception and lounge area. The reception and lounge area manage to subtly express the school colours – as well as showing a good combination and restraint when playing with the forms and school crest. The counter easily catches the eyes, but the material application manages to keep the design in-line with the rest of the space. The loose furniture complements the room as well as making it warm and welcoming. The first impression is that of progressiveness mixed with the utmost consideration of human needs.

The library manages to remain energetic yet austere – helping students focus on their studies whilst encouraging contemplation and collaboration which is an environment when most knowledge can be retain. The tables and chairs are practical but never dull; the bookshelves are classic yet contemporary; and the ceiling adds a new dimension to the character of the space. The discussion areas encourage open communication and collaboration – a new approach to the libraries of today. Connected to the library is the canteen – again, this space espouses the design direction for the school. Functional furniture and efficient use of space is wonderfully married with careful thought for the materials and finishing. The canteen exudes the vibe of a hipster café more than a traditional school canteen.

As BISKL is all about fostering personal development in various fields, the art room, music room, performance room, science laboratories and ICT centres have their own distinct personality. The art room is minimal in approach – akin to a blank canvas whereby students can express their artistic side. The performance room on the other hand seems to sizzle with energy through the lighting and ceiling design. The labs encourage students to explore and experiment; whereas the ICT centres are equipped with the latest technology to enable the students to be one step ahead of their peers. Combined with the new gymnasium, the new addition to BISKL is sure to set the benchmark for private primary and secondary education in this region.

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