Tradewinds Project


Client: Tradewinds Corporation Berhad
Project Title: Corporate Office
Location: Menara Shell, KL Sentral
Total size: 30,400 sq ft
Completion: January 2014

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Interior Design
Project & Construction Management

The Client had a very eclectic taste for the modern and the European classics. Through an extensive design development process with the Client, we were able to create a look and feel that was a marriage of the classical with the functional contemporary. By infusing European collectibles such as clock, telescope and artifacts into the entire space, the marriage of the design concept symbolizes TradeWinds’ bond to each of its varied businesses throughout the world. The precision planning and layout of the office represented the strong bond, collaboration and unity of the group while the soft finishing epitomised the different depths and growth of the business. Lighting was designed to provide an adjustable but focused wash on the artworks. Juggling the timeframe for long-lead items, maintaining the Client’s budget and keeping true to the GBI requirements was a daunting task. Coupled with the Client constantly travelling, obtaining design sign off and confirmation was something we had to manage efficiently in order to meet the Project schedule.

We are very proud of the end result of this project. We feel we developed the brief with absolute integrity to the Client’s objectives. The process really added value to help them revamp and solidify their brand and also added a personality which in turn gave them the opportunity to make a unique statement in the industry. Planning completely balanced the conflicting requirements of the Client with its real estate footprint whilst creating an effective and collaborative environment for business operations. Highly churnable and able to suit the Client’s needs for many years to come. Aesthetics worked within the Brand Guidelines and the conservative nature of the Client yet still managed which can be easily rolled out for future Projects. Modern materials were so well matched with classical European elements that resulted in a beautifully simple and contemporary look. A mix of cultures, a mix of old & new heritages, a colonial past…at its best…all working in harmony with one another.
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