What Does the Future Look Like?

What Does the Future Look Like
What Does the Future Look Like

Despite all the talk about AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, when it comes to anticipating the future of the workplace, it is still very much “the primate” that creates and innovates.

Indeed, with AI and machine learning still emerging as usable technologies, we can expect offices to be run by humans for the foreseeable future. What changes is companies’ expectation of their workforce and the workforce’s expectations of their companies. If day-to-day tasks are handled by machines then this places an emphasis on ideas, creativity and thinking. The question for the immediate future is how can designers create workforce environments that stimulate and encourage this.

What society understands right now is we are all still ‘human’ and we function and operate so much better with natural light, healthy diets, natural surroundings and peace-of-mind. Companies embracing nature, offering childcare, somewhere to keep fit, a variety of food choices and technology to make their working day more focused and efficient are considered as workspaces of the future.

“We are creating a new type of workplace that improves wellbeing and increases productivity. People determine and inhabit space without boundaries or inhibition”