American Multinational Banking Financial Services

American Multinational Banking & Financial Services

Client: P&C
Project Title: Banking & Financial Hub
Location: The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur
Total size: 23,000 sq ft
Completion: August 2013

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Interior Design
Project & Construction Management

In January 2013 we were engaged to provide an Interior Design Consultancy Services & Built to an American Multinational Banking & Financial Services who had just taken space at Integra Tower, The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur. The building itself was newly completed and our Client was the first major tenant. Our immediate design direction was to ensure we reflected the Clients positions as a leader in Investment Banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity. This was a conservative American Bank, but we needed to creatively express the essence of their highly distinguishable brand into every key aspect of their office design and interpret it in a contemporary manner.

The planning brief was complicated due to the numerous compliance issues preventing certain areas, departments, and even staff from having any visual or acoustic contact. Despite this we wanted to create an engaging journey thru the space as well as an experience that imbued a strong, honest & contemporary look and feel throughout the space. We tried to keep the space as open as possible with lots of glass walls and open plan workstations. Additional challenges were the lack of space. We were, in effect, planning for double the headcount in a similar sized space as their previous office. Space standards had to drop markedly, and we knew had to give back common and collaborative areas.

Aesthetically we took a contemporary approach which we felt best suited their conservative and corporate nature. Colours and whilst we knew finishes would need to be very well controlled, we still wanted to add a visual punch.

Last of all whist achieving the above we had to ensure that we achieved LEED Platinum status which brings about a lot of challenges regarding material usage as well as planning.

This is a project which, we feel, thoroughly meets the brief and also lays the foundations for the future for our Client. Planning completely balanced the conflicting requirements of reducing the Clients’ real estate footprint whilst creating an effective and collaborative environment for business operations. Highly churnable and able to suit the Clinet’s needs for many years to come. Aesthetics worked within the Brand Guidelines and the conservative nature of the Client yet still managed to inject a beautifully simple and contemporary look which can be easily rolled out for future. All technology was integrated seamlessly and is the most robust that the Client has ever had in Malaysia. The icing on the cake is achieving a LEED Platinum rating, which is a rare achievement not only in an Asian (esp.. Malaysian!) context but in the world too.

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