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Client: Celcom
Project Title: Regional HQ
Location: Pusat Bandar Petaling Jaya
Total size: 330,000 sq ft
Completion: April 2019

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Branded Environments
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At Celcom everything is in one central location, providing the essential balance between work and lifestyle offering employees and visitors the experience of harmony, innovation and productivity. In terms of functionality; the operational spaces were crafted to create an efficient and effective workflow, instilling a conducive environment that encourages interaction and collaboration. Throughout the entire design, the art of balance between functionality and aesthetic experience is prevalent, resulting in a truly empowering work environment. 

High staff morale is now shifting towards the quality of workplace experiences, which are directly influenced by wellness. As food is an integral part of Asian culture, it is an important aspect in the planning process. Variety is key – whether they are food choices or where you like to eat, people enjoy having options. And of course, after that delicious plate of Nasi Lemak, employees can choose to burn those calories in the office gym before heading back to their work tasks. SW1 calls this scenario an Adaptive Worklife Experience.

Shaping the Identity of Workspaces
Interesting design features throughout the office create “Instagrammable” moments, than can be shared and experienced by others no matter where they are. SW1 commissioned a talented, local up and coming sculptor to create a visual centrepiece for their HQ lobby, enticing and wowing visitors, creating a memorable first impression for visitors.

To enhance the theme, eye-catching details can be found throughout the office space, shaping an identity and brand impression that will be remembered.

“It’s more than just placing a logo or vision statement in reception. SW1 brings your brands to life through interesting design features”

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“Our workplace is a key component to enable us to transform Celcom’s work culture so we can face the challenges of an increasingly competitive market”

Mohamad Idham Nawawi



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