Client: Prudential
Project Title: Prudential’s Group of Companies
Location: Tun Razak Exchange (TRX)
Total size: 326,000 sq ft
Completion: May 2019

SW1 Services
Strategic Planning
Interior Design
Branded Environments
Change Management

The modern work place is so much more than being desk bound all day, so we developed a unique and flexible office design solution to provide Prudential’s staff more flexibility and allow for different styles of working designed with strong cultural themes throughout their spaces.

A truly ‘flexible & social’ workplace has different spaces for people to collaborate, socialise, focus and energise, representing ABW working in the future. Transition in and out of different work settings (ranging from quiet rooms to meeting tables to social areas with soft seating) throughout the day not only helps to motivate ideation and break down social barriers and power distances but also reduces tension and stress, inducing better work quality by letting people unwind in a safe and comfortable space. Throughout the design process, thinking ahead is vital to protect a client’s real estate investment.

It was important that the graphics, images, colours and finishes were fresh, crisp, cultural and in line the with Prudential’s brand values & corporate guidelines. Working closely with their change managers and brand guardians we developed a strategy and system that helped personalise their brand with their staff and visitors in a truly modern workplace.
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