Reaching Greater Heights

Reaching Greater Heights
About us

It all started with the vision to provide world-class solutions and a set of principles to deliver this vision with uncompromising integrity. This was how SW1’s journey began and since their first step into the world of design, they have pushed boundaries and strived to do the right thing. Whether it’s through innovation, statutory compliance, ethical practice, wellness or the environment, they relentlessly and passionately work towards putting their best foot forward.

Through this they have developed a methodology that is genuinely new and truly addresses the needs of the modern workplace whilst raising standards and expectations…. something that their clients are always seeking to do themselves. This was achieved by always focusing on what is important: people. 10 years on, their vision and principals continue to stay strong, giving them a solid foundation to grow a team that Swami is truly proud of. In all that SW1 se out to do, they will continue to work hard, stay humble and embrace the appetite to do the right thing. It’s this way of being that will ensure they continue to evolve and reach greater heights.

Sic Parvis Magna! 

SW1 strengthens their team to meet expectations for the next decade, employing talented individuals to increase their service offer.