We’re All Humans

We are all human
We are all human

SW1 prides itself on being a people organisation. Every aspect of what they do has a human-centric motivation at its heart. Any new project means change and any change is an emotional journey. When approaching any project, it is important to understand that a workplace is made up of human beings who can be complex, emotional and are subject to whims, fancies and moods. SW1 understands the roadmap towards change and understands that human beings swing pendulously from one state of emotion to another. The idea is to make these swings smaller and smaller until we reach equilibrium. At that point we have reached the goal of any project.

SW1 are a bunch of creative, passionate, hard-working individuals that don’t rely on robots or apps to do their business. Initiative, experience and knowledge gained from working with local and global companies deliver compelling environments for people.

“I’m only human of flesh and blood I’m made Human Born to make mistakes”
Philip Oakey, Human League